Performance  Danza Cieca
23 June| 9 pm
Palazzo Te
Choreography by Virgilio Sieni, performed by the choreographer together with Giuseppe Comuniello
Artistic assistant and light director Delfina Stella

Danza cieca is a duet performed by Virgilio Sieni and Giuseppe Comuniello, a blind dancer with whom the choreographer has shared years of research and initiation into movement. It is a performance that explores the nature of play as a poetic and creative device that opens, and closes, each section of movement. The dance is born from the encounter of the two bodies, where the dilation of time, the gaze turned to tactile space and being adjacent to each other give life to a continuum of postures and approaches that transform the body into an inexhaustible atlas of democratic places. In its site-specific set-up, the performance presents itself as an open, traversable space in which, around the nucleus of the two performers, the rooms are illuminated with night light, alternating glows and intermittent light.