PERFORMANCE Momenti. Sound installation
20 June | 7.30 pm
Spazio Te
by Marea Management.

Momenti, Marea’s first self-produced art project, aims to create brief spaces of connection, emphasising the inner charge that each of us has as human beings, but which we often tend to forget. In a world that absorbs more and more and concedes less and less, we dedicate a few moments to rediscovering ourselves and our connection with our surroundings, of which we are less and less aware. We do this by listening to words that draw on the most disparate imaginaries of our species: from the irrationality of a dream to the consciousness of an illumination, from the most ancient memories to the most vivid present moment, from radical estrangement to the total integration between us and what surrounds us. Sound journeys of about ten minutes in which the listener is at the centre of the narrative and is accompanied by the voice of a reader and evocative sounds in an immersive experience of listening and introspection.