Photography classes by Melina Mulas

A continuation of the photography project SCATTA QUALCOSA by Melina Mulas, aimed at local high school students.

After last year’s exciting experience inspired by colour and some of the city’s most representative places, the 2017 edition will highlight Mantua’s important culinary tradition.

Alongside the EAT MANTUA project, which draws food, dining and the actions involved in its preparation to the centre of a wider social ritual, SCATTA QUALCOSA looks in the same direction, investigating the identity, history, tradition and values of the Mantuan area and representing the food and wine industry through photographs.


Melina Mulas will ask participants to consider two aspects of food and eating: one concerning the places where the raw materials originate and are cultivated and processed (from large and small farms to cellars and vineyards, dairies, orchards etc. …); the other a selection of typical Mantuan dishes, adapted and reinterpreted in a contemporary key, and photographed so that the image consists of a circle with the dish inside (close up of the dish shot from above as if it were a mantra); the square format photograph will be accompanied by the recipe provided by the students with the help of their grandmothers, mothers or other figures who have been influential in their relationship with nutrition and food.

Over the centuries Mantuan cuisine has made history and is one of the most appreciated forms of its artistic creativity. With help from local students, the Centro Internazionale d’Arte e di Cultura di Palazzo Te aims to document the relationship between Mantua and its culinary tradition. Taking an environmental and documentary approach to the photographs, focus will be on the places of production which, along with photos of a selection of dishes, will create a unique illustrated book of recipes.

Mid May to December
15 May 2017


was born in Milan where she lives and works. Specialized in portrait, interior, fashion and theatre photography, she teaches at NABA and the Politecnico di Milano and holds photography classes as well as collaborating with magazines for advertising campaigns. Since 1985 she has curated numerous exhibitions of her father’s work through the Ugo Mulas Archives. Her relationship with the Tibetan government in exile in India started in 1991, with the book “The Third Eye”, a collection of portraits of the most important Tibetan lamas. Continuing her documentary work of Tibetan culture, she is simultaneously engaged in collecting works by Italian photographers for Dharamsala, the headquarters of the Tibetan Central Administration.
Watch the video of the opening of the exhibition COLORI/COLOURS at Palazzo Te with photos by the participants of the 2016 project

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