Workshop by Stefano Arienti

Starting from an exploration of world music, Stefano Arienti’s workshop teaches us how to create places in which to listen.

The aim of the workshop is to learn how to listen to music and gain practical experience in developing suitable spaces for listening collectively to music.


Offer basic notions of the geography and history of sound.
Provide the opportunity to build personal experiences in the geography of music
Creation and experimentation of synesthetic listening
Insights into the relationship between sound, matter, and image in various settings


Guided listening to sound recordings to analyze sound recording media and their history.
Guided view of audiovisuals as examples of sound traditions and methods of execution that differ from western ones.
Comparison of similar sound materials among different cultural traditions, with a brief look at comparative issues.
A look at the relevant reading material.
Compilation of a listening diary as an emotional and personal experience whilst also serving as a collection of basic notions.


Targeted listening in public places as a listening awareness experience
Building a list of recommended, personal, or shared music as a basic listening base
Sharing listening diaries


Age over 18, curiosity and motivation to overcome ideas of what can and cannot be listened to.
Willingness to join group activities.


Erica Beccalossi
T + 39 3407270390

Sunday April 2nd
Sunday, April 9th
Sunday April 30th
Sunday, May 7th
Sunday 21st May
Sunday, June 4th


Born in Asola (Mantua) in 1961, he moved to Milan in 1980, where he still lives. He participated in the first collective exhibition in 1985 at the former Brown Boveri factory where he met Corrado Levi, his first master. He frequented the Italian art world along with other young artists at a time of renewal, when Art Povera and the Transavanguardia were no longer predominant. He has held a series of personal exhibitions in Italian and foreign art institutions and galleries and has participated in numerous collective exhibitions in Italy and abroad, including the Venice Biennale, Istanbul and Gwanjiu. He has traveled mainly in and around Europe, North America and Asia, as well as participating in artist residency programmes in San Francisco, Boston and San Antonio, New Delhi  and Clisson in France.
Watch the video with Stefano Arienti and Stefano Baia Curioni

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