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The west entrance is aligned with the entrance to the loggia of David beyond the court yard of Honour and is inspired architecturally by the atrium of the Roman domus (house). This layout was known during the sixteenth century thanks to the circulation of Vitruvius' writings. The rectangular space [...]


Chamber of Ovid or Metamorphosis


The room, called "camarino" (small room) due to its modest size, owes its name to the subject of some mythological representations depicted in the friezes, inspired by Ovid's Metamorphoses. From the entrance wall, proceeding towards the right, the subjects inspired by mythology are: Orpheus in the Underworld, The Torment of Marsyas (South wall), The [...]

Chamber of Ovid or Metamorphosis2019-10-02T18:21:24+02:00

Chamber of the Device


The room, similar to the previous one in space and ornaments, owes its name to the main topic of the frieze: the devices (heraldic emblems) of the Gonzaga family. A device is a symbolic emblem made up of an image (called the "body") and a motto (called the "soul") through which virtues, love, moral [...]

Chamber of the Device2019-10-02T18:20:04+02:00

Chamber of the Sun and the Moon


The room owes its name to the fresco at the center of the vault, where the chariots of the Sun and the Moon are painted. Called “salotto” (living room), this room was used to show guests into the more private rooms of the Devices and of Ovid. At the [...]

Chamber of the Sun and the Moon2019-10-02T18:18:34+02:00

The Loggia of the Muses


The Loggia of the Muses was the entrance for guests who, from the "Cortile d'Onore" (Courtyard of Honor) came into the state rooms. Here, amongst frescoes and reliefs referring to the art and culture of the ancient times, Federico II used to welcome his visitors. The vault is dedicated to the Muses, protector deities [...]

The Loggia of the Muses2019-10-02T18:17:34+02:00

Hall of the Horses


Created to receive the guests and host the most important ceremonies, the room was created between 1526 and 1528 and owes its name to the portraits of the superb life size noble horses painted on the lower part of the frescoed portion of the walls. Federico, as his father [...]

Hall of the Horses2019-10-02T18:16:19+02:00

Chamber of Cupid and Psyche


The room, the most sumptuous of the palace for the richness and value of its decorations, owes its name to the story of Cupid ("Amore", i.e. "Love") and "Psyche", taken from the Metamorphosis by Apuleius, narrated on the vault and on the lunettes. The room, called "camaron quadroon" (i.e. [...]

Chamber of Cupid and Psyche2019-10-02T18:15:21+02:00
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